Rite of Passage

 Take a look at how Youth Alive's Rite of Passage Program has grown!
Shirley Edgerton and Youth Alive dancers presented  the first seed of this program at one of our potluck programs in 2009.
 Women's Interfaith is eager to support this initiative as mentors and in other ways that help this program grow.

    Youth Alive Step, Dance and Drumline

WII Supports the Monterey Meets Ngalla/People to People Project

Monterey Meets Ngalla/ People To People Project
ngalla children
Children from the Ngalla Primary School
CPC (Center for Peace through Culture) has established a Sister City relationship between a small town in the western mountains of Massachusetts and a small African city. Monterey, MA and Ngalla, Cameroon, are working together to strengthen human and financial resources to fight the spread of Malaria and HIV/AIDS. The partnership helps people of both communities to share their history and experiences while promoting greater world prosperity and peace. Here's a report on the joyful opening event in Cameroon.

Harvest Gathering Thursday, November 17

A long-standing tradition of the Women's Interfaith is to gather in the fall of the year to share the blessings of our harvest and to enrich our lives with the power of gratitude. 

Please join us as we experience an evening of:
  inspiration, connection, ceremony, prayer, and song.

This year we will be focusing on our Spiritual Harvest: gratitude for what has been~what we have received~ what we have learned~ how we have grown~the gifts we have given~ the joy we have known~ the strength we have called upon~ the challenges we have conquered~ the love we are harvesting.

We are living in intense transformational times!  This evening will provide the opportunity to join our hearts and our forces  to call down a Blessing on the Human Family, our Mother Earth and all life. 

Please bring:
   ~ Simple foods that nourish and delight the body
   ~ An object for the gratitude altar that represents the     blessings of your harvest
   ~ A short written paragraph about what you are spiritually harvesting
Bio:   Satyena Ananda is a holistic educator and spiritual counselor with thirty eight years background and training in designing and implementing programs and experiences for people of all ages.  Her work focuses in the areas of healing, personal transformation, holistic living , ceremony and spiritual direction. 
Satyena Ananda is co-founder and director of Starseed, an interfaith healing sanctuary and holistic retreat center in the northern Berkshires.  Her current focus is on: conscious evolution, feminine spirituality and leadership, earth based healing, conscious co-creation,  spiritual community and the creation and stewardship of sacred space.