Wednesday, March 19

Poetry, Paradox and Prayer 

Reading and workshop with Jan Hutchinson
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          5:45-8:45 p.m.  
                   Stockbridge Congregational Church 
 4 Main St, Stockbridge   
After the Women's Interfaith potluck, Jan will read briefly from her new poetry collection, Raggedy Prayers and Crooked Ladders, then lead a generative poetry workshop.

Please bring paper and pen. We will write from prompts and share our rather spontaneous poems, which will have been written in the spirit of play rather than of perfectionism.

For some, the writing of poetry can be
a spiritual practice. It can help us pay sharper attention to particulars, ponder self and world, honor the Great Mysteries, and move toward equanimity. 
BIO:  Jan Hutchinson has focused on poetry, in and out of academic contexts, for more than fifty years. For over a decade, as a practice, she has written at least one poem every morning.

Her collection Poems of Prayer and Heresy came out in 2008. A second collection, Raggedy Prayers and Crooked Ladders, followed in December 2013.

During the past two Aprils, Jan has sent out daily poetry prompts to hundreds of poets in nine states who signed up to write a poem a day during National Poetry Month. 

Women's Interfaith potluck events take place at  The First Congregational Church in Stockbridge. The space is a great size for us, welcoming and easy to get to. Please join us and bring a friend!

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In the interest of simplifying and going green, we ask you to please consider bringing re-usable dinnerware (plates and flatware) for your own use to reduce disposables. We will provide dinnerware for anyone not able to bring their own.

We meet usually on the
third Wednesday, at the 
4 Main Street, Stockbridge.
Watch emails for any changes.
5:45 Gathering with food
6:00 Welcome Circle
6:15 Potluck Supper
7:00 Program
8:45 Closure/clean up