February 8, 2011 Program

from "Sounding the River"event   photo by Keith Emerling

 "An Evening of Connection: 
   Connecting with the Physical World and with the Divine"

This evening is all about building our sense of connection - our sense of connection with ourselves and the physical world, and our sense of connection with the Divine. Spiritual director and energy healer Rev. Anne O'Neil will lead us in a 6-position grounding meditation and in chanting the names of various manifestations of the Divine -  some of whom have incarnated on this planet, some of whom have not.This practice opens us to recognizing differences between spiritual guides and identifying guides with whom we relate.

Rev. AnnE O'Neil is an energy healer and spiritual director with a practice in Great Barrington.  Her primary focus is working with people in issues of grief, loss, and transition, although many clients are looking for a more general sense of healing and deepening of their spiritual life.  She was ordained in 2003 by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York City and is currently enrolled in their postgraduate Interspiritual Counseling program.  She is also a Certified One Light Healing Touch practitioner, as well as a life coach trained by Coach for Life.  Her personal mission is to provide healing and inspiration to individuals so they may step more fully into lives of joy, consciousness, and purpose.

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