"Poetry as Soul Rescue"
 led by poet Jan Hutchinson

 Thursday March 17, 2011

       I crack my mind
          above the page,
          and sunny side up
          it lies there
          looking for God.

As part of the Berkshire Festival of Women Artists, Women's Interfaith Institute will host a poetry reading interwoven with a presentation on how poetry (all art for that matter) can center us, save us, get us beyond ourselves. Jan Hutchinson's poetry is direct, accessible, and quirky. It asks the big questions but dances laughingly away from all dogma and certainty.

Jan Hutchinson studied psychology as an under-graduate and literature and creative writing in graduate school.  She has lived in the Berkshires for thirty-five years, working and raising a family.  In the last decade, her study, inner life and creative work have coalesced into a focus on how the writing of poetry can be a lifeline, rescuing us, and a buoy helping us to float.

          The net of laughter
          waiting beneath
          the nervous highwire
          is Grace.

Come join us for this wome's monthly potluck  program and bring a friend.

$5-10 Suggested donation
(to support our programs)

Free for members

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