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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Forgiven World:
Forgiveness as a Path of Awakening

 "Where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself."
- Adi Granth, Shalok, Kabir (Sikism)

True forgiveness is one of the most healing, releasing and freeing gifts we give to ourselves. A life full of open forgiveness is a life of grace. Forgiveness is a process by which we heal our sense of separation from others, from our true Self and, ultimately, from God.
Together with Rev Natalie Shiras and Susan Jameson through prayer, metaphor, song, movement and meditation, we will explore the deeper meaning of forgiveness and discover how forgiveness of ourselves and others can be a path of awakening to the truth of who we are.  'Forgiveness as a way of life means living with a profound commitment to our own healing and peace of mind. Through this commitment, we find that we naturally become instruments and teachers of healing and peace for our families, our communities, and our world.

"To forgive means to be willing to look beyond the expression of fear and forgetfulness, beyond his/her case of mistaken identity, to the truth that lies beyond."  
“O God, Help me To believe The truth about myself No matter How beautiful it is,” Macrina Wiederkehr, Seasons of Your Heart 
 (Inspired by Rev Diane Burke and Robin Casarjian, Forgiveness: A Bold Choice for a Peaceful Heart)

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