Harvest Gathering:
The Blessings of Gratitude

Wednesday, November 14, 2012  
First Congregational Church,
4 Main Street, Stockbridge MA

 "If the only prayer you said was Thank You, that
would be enough"
~ Meister Eckhart
Satyena Ananda 
A long standing tradition of the Women's Interfaith Institute is to gather in the fall of the year to share the blessings of our harvest and to enrich our lives with the power of gratitude. The year 2012 has not been an easy one and the winds of change are blowing strong. We will be entering a new world age, a time of co-creating a new way of living on earth.  As we move into this time there is a great shaking to release the powers of greed and corruption.  Because of this we are now called to hold our focus on the good, give thanks for our many blessings and stand for what we know is truth.
Please join us as we experience an evening of: 
Gratitude, Inspiration, Connection, Ceremony, Prayer, and Song

This year we will again  focus on our Spiritual Harvest: gratitude for what has been ~ what we have received ~ what we have learned ~ how we have grown ~ the gifts we have given ~ the joy we have known ~ the strength we have called upon ~ the challenges we have conquered ~ the love we are harvesting ~ the action we have been called to take.
There is such power in prayer.  Let us gather together and take this opportunity to join our hearts and our forces to call down a blessing on the human family, our Mother Earth and all life.

Please bring an object for the gratitude altar that represents the blessings of your harvest along with a short written paragraph about what you are spiritually harvesting.
Satyena Ananda is a holistic educator and spiritual guide with thirty eight years background and training in designing and implementing programs and experiences for people of all ages in the areas of healing, personal transformation, holistic living, ceremony and spiritual direction.  Her work promotes spiritual connection, peace, self-acceptance, love and spirit-empowerment. She is co-founder and director of Starseed, an interfaith healing sanctuary and holistic retreat center in the northern Berkshires. 
Satyena has ancestry from the four root races, and feels called to assist humanity back into the unity of the One.  She has been leading  Universal services and ceremonies since 1978.  Feeling the beauty and necessity of interfaith she served on the boards of Women's Interfaith and Women's House of Peace for 8 years.  She is deeply grateful to join with you for this evening.

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