"Light Mandala" Women's Interfaith
                                   December 2010 program  photo by Elfi Six

Upcoming Programs:

Thursday, January 13: "Sound Healing" led by Eve Schatz

Tuesday, February 8:   "An Evening of Connection"

                                      led by Rev. AnnE O'Neil
Thursday, March 17: "Poetry as Soul Rescue" 
                                Berkshire poet Jan Hutchinson

Follow this link for an interesting overview of Women's Interfaith organizations: The Pluralism Project


November 18, 2010  
Annual Harvest Gathering

 A Time of Giving Thanks and
Harvesting Our Blessings

In our circle we will share with each other the harvest of our blessings and create an altar of gratitude. This year we will be honoring some of the traditions of our country's First Nation People. They have set before us a powerful example of generosity, gratitude and connection with the "Great Spirit" who resides within all life.

The program will be facilitated by Satyena Ananda, a Rainbow Elder with lineage from the four root races and Mikka Barkman, a member of Sachigo First Nations in Canada (Cree.)
What to Bring:
~ An object for the gratitude altar that represents the good that you are harvesting from this past year
~ An item that represents something that has challenged you as well as blessed you that will be ceremonially given away
and buried in the earth * (scroll down for more info)
~A Harvest potluck dish that expresses what you are grateful for

Please join us for our opening circle starting promptly at 6pm.

For further information about this event contact Satyena Ananda at (413) 743-0417.

Mikka Barkman, LMT, ABT is a member of Sachigo Lake First Nations in Canada (Cree.) Mikka comes from a family of healers and over the past twenty years has developed "The Barkman Method," a combination of bodywork and dialogue that helps clients understand their bodies' signals to reveal subconscious belief patterns. She lives in Stockbridge, MA with her two teen-age children and has a private practice in Gt. Barrington.

Satyena Ananda, Co-founder and Director of Starseed Healing Sanctuary and Retreat Center in Savoy MA , is a holistic educator and spiritual counselor who has spent the past 40 years creating and offering programs, retreats and ceremonies that transform and restore body, mind and soul. A certified Polarity Therapist, Satyena has a degree from UMASS in Holistic Education and Spiritual Counseling. She has served on the boards of the Women's Interfaith Institute and The Women's House of Peace. Her work has been presented for 22 years at Rowe Conference Center, for the Whole Earth Expo, for Project Aim, and for many private groups and organizations.  

*  More Information about the Give Away Ceremony
 One highlight of our Harvest Celebration ceremony will be an ancient practice known as "The Native American Give Away."  The give-away is always done in the spirit of gratitude, remembering that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. For this part of the ceremony, we ask that you bring a small item to give away.  This item will represent something in your life that has challenged and also blessed you. Near the end of the ceremony, this item will be buried "permanently" in the earth outside the chapel.

In choosing the item you will give away, consider the following: 
~ Something belonging to a loved one who has passed on, in gratitude for the release of any negative feelings such as guilt or resentment that you carry/carried from that relationship
~ Something from a previous marriage, in gratitude for the lessons of forgiveness
~ Something from a past career, in gratitude for the abundance discovered in your new business
~Something that represents an illness, or accident that you experienced, in gratitude for the healing that has occurred as a result
~ Something representing a hardship of any kind, in gratitude for the realization that you are stronger than you thought!
~ Something representing your  faith, in gratitude for the strength it lends you
   In the Spirit of the Four Directions, consider the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of what you are giving and receiving.  

Bring your potluck dish and two altar items: one gratitude item and one give-away item

Consider bringing a prayer or a song ~

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