Wendalah Rabinowitz and Susan Jameson

   September 16, 2010 
   Sacred Activism:  Giving Birth to a New Humanity

Women's Interfaith Institute in the Berkshires' board member Susan Jameson hosted the first potluck program of the year that explored the meaning of sacred activism and some of the profound conscious birthing energies that are transforming humanity. 
Through sacred activism, "the marriage of spiritual practice that deeply grounds us in the reality of oneness with effective outer action on behalf of peace and justice," we can participate in and help bring about this birth. We each can take personal responsibility for the conscious development of the human species from adolescence into adulthood.

We explored the connection between spiritual practices and activism and shared an extraordinary evening of learning and connection.
 Guests sharing stories included Rev. Natalie Shiras, pastor of Church on the Hill in Lenox, MA who recently returned from leading a youth group in Costa Rica and from a cross cultural exploration of churches in Russia and Ghana, as well as journeying to Turkey, India and Nepal; Julia Balter, a dance therapist whose work facilitates awareness of sacred connection and co-creation with the divine. Julia is fully trained in both Feldenkrais and  Alexander Techniques and holds a masters degree in dance therapy.  Since the 1980's she has taught her original work at universities, performing art schools and theaters in Germany, the U.S. and Australia; Eve Schatz, founder of the Free Legal Clinic in South Berkshire County,  is an attorney and activist who recently began a community organic food project.
 Susan Jameson is an initiate candidate of the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC and is currently compiling a book titled, "Heart-Shaped Uterus: Giving Birth to a New Universe-54 Stories from Global Midwives (and Midhusbands)."  She is co-founder of Healing Winds, the producer of the Rock, Rattle & Drum Pow Wow, founder and director of Humanity in Concert and on the board of the Women's Interfaith Institute in the Berkshires.

Thank you to Wendalah Rabinowitz for sharing her photos from recent potlucks:

Mateo Senza, Eve and Alianne Schatz

 Shirley Paukulis dancing with Harriette Joffe

 Beverly Brown and Sheila Donath

 Pauline Dongala nd Ani Grosser

Satyena and Tosca

 Eileen Lawlor

 Sonia Pilcer and Mikka Barkman

Shirley Paukulis and Pauline Dongala

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