Wednesday, October 16



Transforming Your Relationship   
with One who has Passed
with AnnE O'Neil 
  First Congregational Church
        4 Main Street, Stockbridge MA     

Most psychological models of grief focus only on coming to emotional closure. New age practices often look at the ongoing spiritual connection but do not deal with the pain of having lost someone dear to us.  

In this evening, we will find the middle road between these paths by looking at the hard realities of mourning while also inviting a new and more open spiritual connection with our loved one's soul. This will be accomplished through writing exercises, one-on-one sharing, and guided meditation. Join us for an evening of healing, sharing, and opening.

*  *  * 
Rev. AnnE O'Neil, founder of your soul path,
is an energy healer, Interfaith minister, and grief counselor. She was ordained by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in 2008 and is a Certified Instructor and Practitioner with One Light Healing Touch.  

Her work is primarily with those who have experienced a significant loss in their life, supporting them through the healing process to a place where they are once again excited by the possibilities of life.  

AnnE's recently published memoir, If You Want the Rain, Welcome the Rainbow: A Memoir of Grief and Recovery, recounts her journey with this process and looks at the damage we do when we dismiss and/or diminish our feelings of grief. She also teaches energy healing classes to help people learn to release heavy and foreign energy and raise their own vibration.  For more information, go to 

Guests are asked to arrive at 5:45 pm and bring a dish to share 
for a pot luck dinner which begins at 6 p.m.
AnnE''s program begins at 7 pm. 
WII’s monthly gatherings meet at the First Congregational Church of Stockbridge,
 4 Main Street, Stockbridge, MA.
All are welcome; suggested donation for non-members is $5-10.

For more information, call Alison Gaines at 413-442-3604.

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